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Fashionable Minaudière Clutch Purse

Fashionable Minaudière Clutch Purse

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This fabulous little clutch purse features a modern design. For added uniqueness... it has a fabulous antique silverware handle. Super Cute, especially with same design in the lining. Perfect accessory for Fall ensembles, it will look so cute at your dressy events or just a sippin' a cocktail at happy hour.

Will transition easily into your Spring wardrobe.

The measurements are approximately 6x3. Your "going out" essentials will fit just fine (yes, iPhones fit with a few other small items as well). Featuring silver or brass hardware and a ball clasp, simply raise the ball to open your case

***min·au·dière noun \ˌmē-nōd-ˈyer\ : a small ornamental or decorative case for carrying small articles such as jewelry and cosmetics.

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